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Important information for Windows XP Users.

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Windows XP - End of Life

On April 8th 2014 Microsoft stopped ALL support for XP. This means no further monthly security and bug-fix updates have been released. Your PC will NOT stop working but it will become increasingly risky to use it on-line as any newly discovered security vulnerabilities are not being fixed. Many software companies have stopped supporting XP on their products; so you will find that newly released versions of your anti-virus software, Firefox or Chrome browsers, iTunes or other important programs are no longer be XP compatible.  You should really consider one of the following...

(1) Replace XP with a free Linux operating system
(2) Buy a new PC

The cheapest option is a free copy of Linux.  Linux Mint is an excellent operating system and using the WINE program it will even run some Windows programs, such as Office if you have the original disks.  Gideon-IT can migrate all your emails, documents, photos and non-copy protected music from XP to Linux for you. This is the best option for older slower PCs running XP that need to keep working.  For simple systems Gideon-IT will do this job for the bargain price of £30.

The best option for users requiring iTunes, or other specialist Windows software, is a new PC running Windows 10. Gideon-IT can recommend some good PCs and then migrate all your emails, documents, photos and other data from the old PC to the new one.

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