Affordable, high quality IT services for businesses, charities and home PC users.

A fast network can really improve efficiency in your businesses.

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Networking - New installations and upgrades

Gideon-IT can help your business make the most of modern network technology.

We can help you share valuable resources such as printers, fax-modems, internet connections and disk storage amongst your users.

We can set up wireless networks in the home or the office to allow laptop users and others to connect to your shared resources without the expense of installing extra cabling.

We can upgrade your existing network to run at the latest speeds.  There need be no more waiting for a large file to creep down an elderly 10Mb network when 100Mb and 1,000Mb networks are now so affordable.

Businesses without a Server can still use a network based backup solution without it breaking the bank.

If your business is growing and you want to know how a client/server system could help you manage your email, your document storage and retrieval and your PCs then please call us.

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